"Sry4TK" is an abbreviation for...

Secret Surprise

Other common abbreviations in video gaming:

AFKAway From Keyboard.The indicated player is not observing the game.
AIArtificial Intelligence.This common term is used to refer to computer-controlled players.
FFFriendly Fire.The ability to damage friendly players in the game.
FPSFirst Person Shooter.The kind of action game that the player sees from a first person point of view in a 3D world.
FpSFrames per Second.How many frames (instances of the gamestate) that are processed per second.
GGGood Game.The game was challenging or entertaining.
MMOG Massively Multiplayer
Online Game.
An on-line game with no end-condition, where masses of players can interact simultaneously.
MPMultiPlayer.Multiple (human) players can interact in the same game.
NNNice Nade.A well timed or nicely aimed attack with a grenade.
NSNice Shot.A nicely aimed attack with a firearm.
NPCNon-Player Character.Characters in the game that are not actual players.
RTSReal Time Strategy.The kind of strategy game that has a smooth flow of the timeline and players can make actions in the game any time. Opposite of turn based gameplay.
SnaPSSnapshots per second.How many snapshots of the gamestate that are sent over the network per second.
RPGRole Playing Game.The kind of game that focuses on playing and developing a character.
SKSpawn Kill.The act of killing players where they enter the game, before they have a chance to fight.
SPSingle Player.Only one human can play in the same game.
SSScreen Shot.An snapshot image with the rendered graphics of the game.
WHWall Hack.A way of cheating by seeing opponents through surfaces that are opaque to other players.